WMS (Warehouse Management System)

What is a WMS (Warehouse Management System)

A warehouse management system is a software-based solution for managing warehouses and controlling material flows. In addition to these basic functions, the service portfolio also includes functions for optimizing internal warehouse systems. The human workforce should be used mainly only for controlling the warehouse and operating the software during goods receipt through picking to shipping. 

Today, a modern WMS has a modular architecture. This means that companies no longer have to buy a complete solution, but simply select the functions that meet their needs. At the same time, a WMS can easily be expanded with additional functions in the future.

Benefits for retailers

  • Reduce costs
     Avoid situations such as overstocked warehouses and supply shortages 


  • Save time
    Optimize process planning 


  • Increase productivity
    Reduce personnel costs through paperless picking and thus increase productivity 


  • Ensure quality
    Use retail-time data to enable better analysis for decision making and support proactive action 


  • Leverage transparency
    Benefit from warehouse optimization and efficient planning through increased transparency

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