Exceed customer expectations with a best-in-class shopping experience

Luxury goods are a no-brainer - one would think. But even in the luxury segment, individual, extraordinary shopping experience are essential. Customer expectations in terms of flexibility, a personalized customer journey, and a convenient and service-oriented online and in-store experience are higher than in any other industry. This also goes hand in hand with higher demands on fulfillment – with fulfillmenttools you can easily meet them.

Optimize your customers' experience, expand your service portfolio, and offer more convenience

Generate a seamless omnichannel experience for your customers. From the moment they enter the boutique or browse the online shop to the moment they make a return.

Offer services online as well

Today's customers expect retailers to make their products and services available across all channels. To create an optimal and convenient customer experience, services such as engraving a ring or extending a bracelet should be available not only in-store but also in the online shop. In addition, you should offer customers the opportunity to make an on-site appointment in a boutique to view products in person. For this purpose, it is important to be able to send products across national borders from one warehouse or store to another location where the goods are needed for a customer.


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Flexible adjustment of delivery times to customer requirements

In the luxury industry, it's not just about speed. What counts above all is a combination of an individual customer experience, reliable and in-time deliveries, and maximum flexibility to receive the products at the desired location at the desired time, regardless of whether this means today, tomorrow, or in a month. With an intelligent order management system, this can be ensured with the appropriate routing rules. For example, it is possible to avoid processes such as an order split or to route all items of an order to one location first, in order to be able to ship a complete order from there.


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Enable pre-ordering of products and create prospect lists automatically

In the luxury segment, goods are typically in short supply. Customers often eagerly await the launch of their desired product. A pre-order function makes it possible to reserve a product - whether shoes, watches or handbags - before the official sales launch. This way, customers can be sure to receive the product right at the sales start. At this point, retailers often use lists of interested parties. Using these lists, retailers can, for example, compare the request for a product with CRM data on customer status and thus automatically control and ensure who should be the first to receive the item when it becomes available. Equally important is a back-order function that guarantees customers that they will receive a sold-out product as soon as it is available again.


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Simplify and improve both your processes and resources utilization

Avoid overselling due to inventory inaccuracies

Especially with low inventory levels and large, cross-country boutique networks, it is important to synchronize all inventory across your entire fulfillment network (warehouse, boutique, dropshipper,...) and keep track of it across all locations and in real time. This way, you can always see which items are available where and which items are in process or already sold. For instance, this helps you prevent out-of-stock products from being displayed as available in the online shop. All in all, you optimize your processes and avoid disappointing shopping experiences for your customers.


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Work with suitable shipping companies

Not every shipping company is made for the transport of luxury goods. Goods must be insured, transported in appropriate vehicles and handed over personally by reliable personnel. It is essential to be able to integrate companies such as Intex or Prosegur seamlessly and quickly into the fulfillment process and connect them to the order management system.


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Check quality of returns easily

Handbags, watches, sunglasses or perfumes – when it comes to designer products, it is particularly important to check whether the returned goods still meet the quality requirements or whether something has been damaged. In order to be able to carry out quality checks easily in the returns process, it helps to work with a software solution that supports the employees in the warehouse or in the boutique during the inspection. This makes it easy to compare serial numbers, IDs and labels and to initiate possible follow-up processes such as repair or re-stocking.


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