Win your customer relationships back

Today big marketplaces and delivery and pickup service platforms like instacart have significant market power. They provide easy-to-use apps, a broad variety of products and a comfortable shopping experience to earn customer loyalty. Especially smaller retailers feel forced to join the marketplaces or to use delivery and pickup service platforms to show market presence and be competitive. This comes with high platform fees and listing costs on marketplaces along with losing the connection to the customers since they shop with a 3rd party provider and not with the retailer or brand itself.

Establish your own eCommerce environment and handle your delivery and pickup services yourself to save money and establish better customer loyalty!

Provide your customers with an individual shopping experience

With our background as a spin-off of the German market leader REWE in omnichannel efood fulfillment, we have developed a solution that enables you to win your customer relationships back. With us, you can keep all your eCommerce processes under your control and offer your customers an individual shopping experience.

Your benefits with fulfillmenttools

Act independently

Free yourself from increasing prices or other condition changes of marketplaces or delivery and pickup service platform providers

Ensure an end2end process

Take control over your end2end eCommerce processes, profit from seamless data flows without any data loss and be the owner of your orders

Use your store network

Pick all orders directly inside your stores with an easy-to-use and intuitive picking app to optimize store efficiency and to ensure an efficient process

Integrate other system providers easily

Collaborate easily with other system providers like POS systems and last mile partners and integrate them effortlessly into your processes thanks to our API-first approach

Increase customer loyalty

Don’t be part of a big marketplace where your products don’t stand out from the masses and where a lot of substitutes are available

Analyze your customers

Collect data about your customers and analyze them to get a better understanding of their preferences and wishes, while providing them with more individual offerings on all channels and with the best shopping experience possible

What we have in store for you

Our software-as-a-service solution – an omnichannel fulfillment system (OFS) – provides retailers and brands globally with solutions to effectively and efficiently manage fulfillment, enabling or enhancing their omnichannel competencies.


Distributed Order Management

In-Store Fulfillment

Curbside Pickup / Click & Collect

Inventory Orchestration

Last Mile Integration

In-Store returns

Quick Commerce through efficient In-Store fulfillment

To enter the growing Quick Commerce market, Lite e-Commerce has developed Zabka Jush, a new eCommerce business that enables delivery of groceries and convenience products within 15 minutes.

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Increase sales by 18% and more with efficient omnichannel processes

Efficient omnichannel fulfillment increases customer satisfaction, competitiveness and sales. Services such as ship-from-store and click & collect are key drivers for generating a sales uplift, offering customers a seamless shopping experience across all channels.

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Easy and quick integration into all modern software systems

Our modular and API-based software architecture enables an easy and quick integration into all modern software systems. All systems at once or step-by-step! You benefit from a fast go-to-market, seamless processes and unified retail data.

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