Increase your sales by 18% and more with efficient omnichannel processes

Efficient omnichannel fulfillment increases customer satisfaction, competitiveness and sales. Services such as ship-from-store and click & collect are key drivers for generating a sales uplift, offering customers a seamless shopping experience across all channels.

Securing the future with ship-from-store and click & collect

Grow sales and generate new customers with click & collect

Analyses of customer data show that omnichannel customers spend more money. Customers are able to shop in-store, but they are also able to purchase their desired products online and pick them up later. The additional shopping channel offers more flexibility and choice in everyday’s life.

By offering new services such as click & collect, it is also possible to attract new customers from your competition.

Stores will be the central element of retailers OC order fulfillment strategy. “Leveraging the inventory that’s in 1,000 stores across our network from an ecommerce sale – that’s the ticket to admission for any kind of omnichannel retailing.”

Study published by emerald insight

Generate 15% or more sales with ship-from-store

Ship-from-Store enables retailers to integrate their stores into their eCommerce business and generate additional revenue potential:

  • Increased sales through increased online availability and lower out-of-stock rates
  • Reduced capital commitment thanks to intelligent connection of stores with increasing or constant service level at the same time
  • Higher customer satisfaction due to faster and more reliable deliveries, which has a positive impact on the repurchase intentions of your customers
  • Optimized use of store resources and margin protection through real-time inventory orchestration

Seamless connection of on- and offline world enables new pick-up and delivery options for customers

By connecting store and online business arko / Hussel creates a seamless omnichannel experience for its customers. They benefit from new pick-up & delivery options – from click-and-collect to same day delivery.

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Why pick-up and delivery services areso important for modern retailers

Increased demand & higher sales

Customers have access to more potential sales channels and can therefore shop more flexibly and more frequently

Larger assortment & higher product availability

Customers have access to a wider range of products and out-of-stocks can be avoided

Increased customer satisfaction

Customers profit from a broader service portfolio and thus greater flexibility

Better customer access

A higher variety of customer touch points creates more proximity and promotes customer loyalty and trust

How to make your omnichannel fulfillment profitable

To successfully implement omnichannel fulfillment, it’s important to know your customers’ interests and preferred channels. This allows you, as a retailer, to draw attention to yourself on the appropriate channels as well as offer fulfillment services there that are suitable for your target group. Find out in our omnichannel guide which technologies you should pay attention to during implementation and how you can expand your services step-by-step.

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