Increase sales

Increase profitability with efficient omnichannel processes

Efficient omnichannel fulfillment helps you generate additional revenue through more sales channels and fewer out-of-stocks, and moreover aids in reducing costs through minimized warehouse space and more efficient processes. At the same time, you increase your customer lifetime value, as customers experience perfect fulfillment processes and are less likely to switch to the competition. How do you make this happen? Simply start at the decisive steps in the customer journey with the right software solution and use synergies from online and offline business!

Increase sales rate through greater flexibility and more potential sales channels

Set up your sales omnichannel infrastructure and offer your customers a broad service portfolio to increase customer satisfaction and boost your competitiveness.

Create the basis for your omnichannel strategy and leverage synergies of your online and offline channels

Connect your online and offline channels with fulfillmenttools’ Order Management. The Order Management System connects the entire fulfillment network and thus serves as an ideal basis for the implementation of various omnichannel services. It also enables flexible and efficient fulfillment processes and ensures a seamless shopping experience for your customers across all channels.


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Increase transparency and flexibility in the purchasing process for customers

Always keep your inventory up to date and show your customers product availability and possible delivery and collection options on the product detail pages as well as in the checkout process of the online shop. This in turn allows you to better manage expectations and avoid disappointment due to incomplete or delayed deliveries.


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Exploit up- and cross-selling potentials

Offer your customers the opportunity to pick up and return goods ordered online in a store. This way, you boost store relevance and visit frequency and increase the chance of spontaneous purchases by your customers. In addition, you shorten the time span for re-selling the goods through in-store returns, as they are directly available for sale again in store.


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Grow sales and generate new customers

Analyses of customer data show that omnichannel customers spend more money. Customers are able to shop in-store, but they are also able to purchase their desired products online and pick them up later.

The additional shopping channel offers more flexibility and choice in everyday’s life. By offering new services such as click & collect, it is also possible to attract new customers from your competition.

Reduce costs through increased efficiency and improved resource utilization

Improve the important omnichannel steps, streamline your processes and optimize your use of resources to save time and money.

Make optimal use of stocks

With fulfilmenttools, you reduce your storage costs and at the same time cover demand peaks by drawing the stocks from your entire fulfillment network (warehouses, stores, micro hubs,...) into order fulfillment. This way, you reduce excess inventory, out-of-stocks, and storage and handling costs.


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Automate and streamline processes

Automate your processes such as order management and inventory management and streamline store and warehouse operations. This will help you shorten order processing time and reduce manual activities, allowing you to handle a greater volume of orders and save on staff.


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Increase operational efficiency

By interlocking online and offline business, store employees who are not operating at full capacity can be deployed to process online orders. For this purpose, we provide you with our intuitive in-store fulfilment app as digital support. You benefit from low training costs even with frequent staff changes, faster order processing and fewer mispicks.


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Reduction of packaging and logistics costs

We help you select the appropriate packaging (carton, pallet,...) and filling material for each online order. In addition, we support the delivery of orders from a store near the customer through Ship-from-Store. This way you can save on packaging and logistics costs and simultaneously reduce your ecological footprint.


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Maximize your turnover and savings opportunitiesto their fullest potential!

We help you create optimized fulfillment processes as a growth booster
and increase your profitability

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