Cut Costs through SeamlessOmnichannel Fulfillment Processes

Omnichannel fulfillment encompasses the entire process from the receipt of the customer order to the delivery or handover of the goods to the customer. This means all processes from inventory management, storage, picking & packing, shipping or pickup at the store and returns management must be taken into account. For optimal, cost-effective processes, it is important to handle an (online) order as efficiently and resource-efficiently as possible. Optimizing fulfillment is not only increasingly a requirement for competitiveness, but a way to generate lasting competitive advantage. Read our strategy paper to find out how to implement seamless omnichannel fulfillment.

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Why are omnichannel services becoming more relevant


of consumers use in-store returns, making them the most used omnichannel service.


days is the average provision time for goods ordered via Click & Collect.


average online share is expected in retail sales by 2025.


of retailers use ship-from-store.

Meet customer expectations and increase competitiveness

Models such as ship-from-store or click-and-collect are examples for a successful implementation of an omnichannel fulfillment strategy. Ship-from-store relies on stores as mini shipping warehouses (micro fulfillment centers), while click-and-collect turns stores into pickup stations for online orders. Both services create a holistic shopping experience for customers through seamless omnichannel fulfillment.

Benefits of seamless omnichannel oulfillment


Increase profitability

Omnichannel fulfillment increases the number of touchpoints with your customers as well as the level of service to your customers, driving sales opportunities.


Optimize resource allocation

With models such as ship-from-store or click-and-collect, both employees and stores are better utilized because they can be assigned different tasks and roles.


Establish seamless processes

Operational workflows become more efficient through integrated and coordinated fulfillment processes.

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Increase customer satisfaction

Consumers benefit from an individualized customer journey, better product availability and greater selection, and can shop at a convenient time and location

Seamless omnichannel fulfillment:your success factor

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Tools for retailers

To implement omnichannel services, sophisticated processes and smart software solutions help you create customer-centric shopping experiences.

The challenges of implementing anomnichannel fulfillment strategy


Branch specifics

Depending on the industry, different regulations must be observed in the fulfillment processes. One of the most complex fulfillment areas, for example, is the food industry, where refrigeration regulations, expiration dates, and hygiene guidelines require particularly sophisticated and coordinated processes.


Product specifics

Handling different products has a significant impact on the fulfillment process. For example, the fulfillment of bulky goods such as furniture is much more complex and requires different processes than the fulfillment of smaller products such as clothing or decorative items.

IT infrastructure

Successful omnichannel fulfillment processes require systematic management of all processes and systems involved. In this context, seamless system integration is crucial for a central database and seamless, smooth processes.

How to make your omnichannel fulfillment profitable

To successfully implement omnichannel fulfillment, it’s important to know your customers’ interests and preferred channels. This allows you, as a retailer, to draw attention to yourself on the appropriate channels as well as offer fulfillment services there that are suitable for your target group. Find out in our omnichannel guide which technologies you should pay attention to during implementation and how you can expand your services step-by-step.

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