Berlin/Cologne, April 5, 2022

Shoepassion breaks new ground with fulfillmenttools

Launch of modern omnichannel platform for devotees of stylish, luxury shoes

Berlin/Cologne, April 5, 2022. With the implementation of its omnichannel fulfillment platform, the Cologne-based company fulfillmenttools is helping Shoepassion build its omnichannel customer experience. One of the main focuses of its partnership with Shoepassion will be to digitalize all fulfillment processes. Headquartered in Berlin, the Shoepassion Group runs a globally available online shop, underpinned by exclusive stores in the metropolitan areas of Germany. The Shoepassion style is characterized by modern, elegant footwear of the very highest quality, based on a trusted brand history and the greatest possible sustainability. To adhere to these brand principles in its fulfillment processes – and remain in tune with the times – Shoepassion has turned to the solutions developed by fulfillmenttools. After completing pilot projects, the plan is to have all fulfillment processes in place by the late summer. All Shoepassion stores will be linked to the fulfillmenttools platform, which will make it possible to derive maximum benefit from the solutions – regardless of whether shoes are ordered online for shipping directly from stores (ship-from-store) or reserved online for subsequent pick-up in store (click and reserve).

Established in 2010, Shoepassion is known among customers for its luxury leather shoes. Over time it has evolved from a brand into an entire sales platform that also offers footwear from other manufacturers. In parallel to this, the Berlin-based shoe company has continued to develop its house brands, with brick-and-mortar outlets now established in eight metropolitan areas of Germany. Until now, the operations to link online orders to retail stores were mainly based on manual processes. Not only did this entail extensive training, as well as handing over each incoming order manually by the responsible person to the store staff in order to start the picking process. Staff also required intensive training to familiarize themselves with the solution for order picking.

Simplified and optimized processes thanks to the fulfillmenttools platform

To simplify the complex process of managing orders – but also to free up staff and avoid picking errors – the Shoepassion Group turned to fulfillmenttools, an expert with a strong track record in eCommerce and a wealth of expertise in omnichannel grocery retailing. The platform offered by fulfillmenttools lays a solid foundation for innovative software-as-a-service (saas) solutions, opening the door to modular, cloud-based fulfillment processes.

“Shoepassion’s heart beats for elegant, classic, luxury shoes. We’re driven by a passion to develop technologies that offer optimal omnichannel experiences – for both users and customers. Our aim is to facilitate efficient, zero-error picking and make a seamless transition to the new shipping process, with rapid time-to-market and smooth scalability. So we’re delighted to support Shoepassion in its endeavor,” states Jürgen Brock, CEO of fulfillmenttools.

“We’re not just about a passion for luxury shoes at Shoepassion; in addition, we’ve always been deeply committed to making the best possible use of technological opportunities – to offer our customers the best possible buying experience. In fulfillmenttools, I believe we’ve found a partner who will support us with the same passion – a partner that will ensure our fulfillment processes stay in line with the very latest state of technology, which will enable us to offer the very best to our customers."

— Daniel Pokorzynski, Managing Director of Shoepassion

Straightforward handling and fewer errors thanks to modern technology

Shoepassion is making full use of the functionality offered by the fulfillmenttools platform. To replace the manual system used for incoming orders, a new distributed order management system (DOMS) is being introduced, complete with fully automated order routing. This will be based on an advanced, predefined rule set that will also tap into real time inventory information. Orders will be picked in locations identified by the DOMS as stocked with sufficient items. To help with picking, staff will receive instructions from an app, and this will also make it possible to process several orders at the same time (multi-order picking). Not only will this save time, but also shorten distances covered during picking. The new system also offers comprehensive shipping integration: Linking processes to a large number of shipping providers makes it easier to dispatch orders quickly to customers.

About Shoepassion:

Since 2010, everything at omnichannel expert Shoepassion has revolved around its passion for luxury shoes – the ultimate in shoe culture. Shoepassion is a global online retail player based in Berlin, with brick-and-mortar outlets in almost every metropolitan area of Germany and Austria. It has evolved from a shoe brand into an innovative, multi-brand platform under the same name. In addition to its three in-house brands – N91, Henry Stevens, and Heinrich Dinkelacker – it also now sells shoes from a selection of hand-picked partner brands, in keeping with the Shoepassion credo: modern, elegant style, ultimate quality, a trusted brand history, and the greatest possible sustainability and transparency.


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