Store Fulfillment

Digitalize your store fulfillment and increase efficiency

Optimize your picking processes: Our solutions support and automate the eCommerce fulfillment processes digitally in your stores and warehouses – simplifying your work steps and saving both time and money.

Picking processes made easy

With our store fulfillment solutions, your store associates are supported in picking and guided step-by-step through the processes. Similarly, store inventories can be viewed and corrected effortlessly.

  • Viewing all orders and details in the store provides an ideal overview


  • Clear status readings provide a quick overview of the status of individual orders


  • The progress of individual orders can be viewed in real time and at the product level
  • The status screen shows pickers how many articles still need adding to the order


  • Clear product images make it easier for staff to identify products, making a huge difference to the speed of picking processes


  • Detailed product information helps staff identify the right product


  • Picking has never been easier – simply tap on the button or scan the item

Store fulfillment solution for Zabka Jush

To enter the growing Quick Commerce market, Lite e-Commerce has developed Zabka Jush, a new eCommerce business that enables delivery of groceries and convenience products within 15 minutes.

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Your benefits at a glance


Enhance efficiency

By digitalizing processes and automating individual work steps with the help of apps, you can significantly improve your efficiency.

custom / Nahtlos anbinden

Quick implementation

Our solutions can be effortlessly connected to other systems and thus easily integrated into your existing IT landscape.

custom / Pickingapp

Operate intuitively

Thanks to its clear and streamlined design, our software is user-friendly and can be operated without any training effort.


Apply flexibly

The app can be used on classic MDEs as well as on mobile devices with Android operating system. This allows you to use your existing hardware.

Our Feature Highlights


Easy product identification

Product images and the scan function simplify the picking process for staff, making it quick and easy to identify the exact product and minimize errors.

custom / Laufweg optimieren

Smart picking suggestions

The app navigates the employee through the store during the picking process of the entire order. This way, he always finds the best and fastest way during picking.


Inventory management in store

The employees in the store have the possibility to view stocks for articles at the location level and also to correct them in the system.

custom / Flexibel Picken

Flexible picking

The app offers the option of pausing or even canceling picking processes, for example if they need to serve a customer in store.

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