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Why retailers and brands need fulfillmenttools?

Today’s consumers buy products and services through a variety of channels – stores, online shops, social media and live commerce – and expect a seamless, in-time shopping and fulfillment experience. To survive in this omnichannel world, retailers and brands need to integrate all their locations, from stores to fulfillment centers and warehouses to dropshippers, as well as all order-related data such as inventory, potential shipping providers and fulfillment times into their eCommerce landscape.

In this way, they create a comprehensive network of warehouse and fulfillment locations, which enables them to serve their customers faster and more reliably. Our intelligent Order Management System (OMS) simplifies this process by consolidating all order and inventory data and smartly matching customer preferences with the complete distribution network.

Your benefits with fulfillmenttools

Where does fulfillmenttools get its expertise?

The mission of fulfillmenttools is to help retailers and brands worldwide to better meet the fulfillment expectations of their customers. As spin-off of REWE digital, which is part of the REWE Group (one of the leading grocery chains in Germany) we bring the right experts and valuable know-how to the table:

The core team of fulfillmenttools was already significantly involved in the development and perfection of the order fulfillment solution of the German eFood market leader “REWE delivery and pickup service”. Thus, fulfillmenttools combines profound tech expertise with more than 90 years of retail experience of the REWE Group and make the more than 10 years of experience in order fulfillment available to retailers and brands in the food and non-food sector with our solution.

3 key reasons for fulfillmenttools

State-of-the-art technology:

Our MACH architecture, intuitive user interfaces, and simple and fast integration options with any modern system enable you to achieve a fast go-to-market, automated processes, short response times to market changes, and free up time to focus on your core business.

Maximum flexibility

With fulfillmenttools, you benefit from end-to-end order lifecycle management and cover all fulfillment processes from available-to-promise to returns. Our solution is built around the core module "Order Management" and follows an extremely flexible and modular approach. This means you can always choose the modules that fit your specific use case, make individual configurations effortlessly and quickly, and grow step by step and at your own pace.

Simplicity in any area

We pursue our credo "simplicity" in everything we do. In our solution, maximum user-friendliness and an optimal user experience are just as important to us as simple implementation and rapid customization options by us or our customers. In our customer projects, we always work agilely, in partnership and at eye level and accompany our customers from the beginning to the end of the project.

Which retailers benefit most from fulfillmenttools?

Retailers with an existing online and offline retail business

Retailers with multiple distribution channels and multiple fulfillment locations

Retailers which follow a best-of-breed (composable commerce) approach

What solutions does fulfillmenttools offer?

We rely on the MACH architecture as the basis for our solution and can integrate any system easily.

What are the benefits of our modern tech stack?


Multi-tenant capability: Highest data security despite centralized user management

Microservices: fulfillmenttools is set up as a flexible modular system

API-first: Simple and fast integration options

Cloud-native: Automatic scaling to peak performance

Headless+: Using your own frontends by utilizing the power of our backend

How fulfillmenttools fits into your system landscape

Leverage your full omnichannel potential

We help you create optimized fulfillment processes as a growth booster
and increase your profitability

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