What does Ship-to-Store mean?

Ship-to-Store (STS) is a fulfillment option that allows customers to have their online orders shipped to a physical store location for pickup. With STS, orders are shipped directly from the retailer’s warehouses to a designated store location. Customers can then pick up their order from the store after its arrival. That way, customers can pick up their order at a convenient time and do not need to wait around for deliveries at home. That also avoids shipping costs, and it helps retailers to fill their stores with inventory from their warehouses.

STS is becoming increasingly popular with online shoppers due to its convenience, ease of use and the saving of the shipping costs. It also provides customers with the opportunity to view and touch items before making a purchase, enabling them to make more informed decisions. If they are not happy, the item can be returned directly on site. Additionally, it helps retailers reduce their shipping costs and provide better customer service.

What is the difference between Ship-to-Store and Click & Collect?

Ship-to-Store is a fulfillment option for online orders in which the retailer ships the product to the customer’s local store instead of to their home. Click & Collect is a fulfillment option for online orders in which the customer collects the product from the retailer’s physical store. This means that the product is already stocked in the retail store. The concept is the same as in-store pickup, where in-store goods are available for pick-up after the order is placed. Product availability in stores differs from retailer to retailer, and in some cases – also with Click & Collect – the product must first be shipped from the warehouse to the store.

Benefits of Ship-to-Store

What’s more, retailers are now offering extra incentives for using STS such as discounts or loyalty points. With these rewards in place, shoppers are even more inclined to take advantage of this convenient delivery option.

Overall, ship to store offers customers greater flexibility and control in how they receive their purchased products, while also saving them time and money. By offering this delivery option, retailers can provide customers with a unique and convenient shopping experience.

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