CEP service

What is a CEP service?

The term CEP service refers to courier, express and parcel service providers. CEP services are logistics and postal companies, mainly transporting relatively low volume and weight piecemeal goods, such as letters or small parcels. The difference compared to other shipping methods is that the volume and weight limitations support (partial) automation, which enables faster processing. As a result, shipments can be delivered within a very short time up to Same-Day and Over-Night-Delivery. Large companies such as DHL and bicycle couriers are among the CEP service providers.

What differences are there between the various CEP services?


Courier services

Courier services are mainly used when cash or value transports or time-critical shipments are required. Transport by courier is personally accompanied and delivered directly. In cities, for example, bicycle couriers are often used.


Express services

Express shipping is characterized mainly by very fast shipping with a guaranteed delivery time. Therefore, the processes are usually highly automated and transported via a transshipment center. It is not uncommon for cargo planes to be used to deliver the goods.


Parcel services

Like express services, parcel services operate with a high degree of automation. However, the fixed processes do not guarantee delivery times compared to the express service. Goods with a maximum weight of approx. 30 kg can be transported via a parcel service. Transport with a higher weight is handled by a forwarding company.

Influence of digitalization on online trade and CEP services

The increasing digitalization and eCommerce is strongly changing the CEP sector or is forcing it to develop further. Delivery services need to be expanded by logistics and postal companies, especially as online retailers are increasingly creating decentralized warehouses in metropolitan areas and using branches as micro hubs. As a result, more and more local courier services are needed and less standard parcel delivery is used. Guaranteed Same-Day-Delivery models as well as fast delivery are possible with local bike couriers. These services allow retailers to deliver their goods, for example, on the desired date and within a certain time window. Often local service providers even offer delivery within 30 to 120 minutes.

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