Endless Aisle

What is Endless Aisle?

Endless Aisle enables customers in brick-and-mortar stores to digitally view and order unavailable merchandise that is, for example, sold out or not sold in the store. The customer can decide whether the order should be delivered to their home or to the store for pickup. Thus, Endless Aisle is another step towards a seamless shopping experience.

How retailers benefit from Endless Aisle

  • Offer entire product portfolio in a small store space
  • Avoid loss of sales
  • Exploit cross- and upselling opportunities
  • Increase competitiveness compared to online retail
  • Increase customer satisfaction

How customers benefit from Endless Aisle

  • Choose from a wide range
  • Experience personal advice and service
  • Return items comfortably in the store

Endless Aisle as Order Fulfillment

Endless Aisle as a fulfillment model means equipping employees in stores with hardware and software that allows them access and information about the entire product range.

This allows staff to advise customers and place orders for them.

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