ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

What is ERP?

The abbreviation ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and includes a software solution with which resources in the areas of human resources, finance, procurement, logistics etc. can be controlled within an organization. All data is centrally gathered in the ERP and then processed and saved.

How does an ERP system work?

An enterprise resource planning system connects all departments or divisions of a company. These run together and use the same data. The number and selection of these modules is entirely up to the company.

An ERP system can be purchased either as a license or as a software-as-a-service (software-as-a-service) subscription model.

Which benefits does ERP offer?

Use of central data sources

An ERP system delivers the necessary automation and data integration

Enhance efficiency

The company resources get optimized according to the current requirements

Increase flexibility

Chances get detected faster and can be used immediately for the own company goals.

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