What does Omnichannel mean?

With an omnichannel strategy, companies link all of their on- and offline channels. This results in an improved, uniform shopping experience for customers on both sales and communication channels.

Omnichannel differs from multi- or crosschannel in that customers find consistent information across all channels.


That's why an Omnichannel strategy is worthwile

Fulfill customer expectation

Companies today need to be wherever their customers are. For a long time now, these customers have not restricted their purchases to just one channel and want an integrated customer journey, flexibility, and a large product selection.

Increase sales

With the implementation of an omnichannel strategy, the number of potential points of sale grows at the same time. In addition, omnichannel consumers shop more frequently and their purchase value is higher with each purchase.

Establish seamless processes

An omni-channel strategy automatically creates a linked, integrated system in which all customer data converges centrally. This gives companies an improved overview of their processes.

Success factors in Omnichannel retail

  • Establishing efficient Omnichannel fulfillment processes
    Omnichannel fulfillment is an important basis for a sophisticated Omnichannel strategy. The basis for this is a link between eCommerce and the branch network. Models such as Ship-from-Store or Click & Collect are examples of flexible eCommerce fulfillment processes.


  • Using a modern software architecture
    A modern software architecture supports the optimal processing of online orders. This enables fast scalability, best performance and easy integration.


  • Exploiting the potential through the right marketing
    For an Omnichannel strategy to be successful, retailers must also market the corresponding services cross-media on different channels.

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