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As a result of the Corona pandemic, consumers in the fashion industry are buying more often online, which is increasing the shift of offline shares to online even faster. On the positive side, this development speeds up the digitalization of fashion. Therefore, new approaches in online fashion retail are in demand: Omnichannel concepts help retailers to combine the benefits of stationary business with those of eCommerce and offer customers an optimal customer journey.

Mastering your challenges with the right solutions

Meet customer requirements with omnichannel

Both retailers and customers benefit from omnichannel concepts. Factors such as flexibility, speed, convenience, time savings and sustainability are optimized through an efficient implementation. Retailers are thus reorienting themselves towards their target group and are able to withstand the great competitive pressure.


Display product availability in the online shop

With the fulfillmenttools inventory management you can keep your inventory data up to date and integrate availability displays into your online shop. That’s how it works! Get in touch with us


Click & Collect

Offer your customers the opportunity to have their desired goods delivered to a store of their choice. In this way, you can increase the relevance of your stores and encourage spontaneous purchases. More about Click & Collect


Returns Management

As a retailer, offer your customers the option to return clothes in the store this will increase the frequency in your stores and increase customer loyalty. Learn more about our returns solution

62.2% of the Click & Collect market in the UK will be occupied by the fashion industry by 2023, according to forecasts.

Statista 2021

Optimize order routing processes

At the heart of our solution, the Distributed Order Management System (DOMS) forms a ideal basis for all types of delivery and pick-up models, from Click & Collect to Same Day Delivery.

Order routing & management

With fulfillmenttools DOMS, orders can be easily managed and routed. Based on individually definable rules, DOMS intelligently distributes orders to the optimal location, enabling reduced costs, more efficient processes, shorter provisioning times and optimized service levels. Learn more about DOMS.

Reduce ecological footprint

Younger generations in particular are calling for companies to reduce their environmental footprint and include environmental awareness in their purchasing decisions.


Besides Click & Collect, Ship-from-Store is an ideal way to reduce environmental effects, shorten delivery times and reduce shipping costs at the same time. Learn how to efficiently implement Ship-from-Store

Establishing efficient and seamless processes

Especially in the picking process, it is important to create efficient and seamless processes. Pickers should be able to use their picking app with short training times and to pick orders as easily and error-free as possible.


custom / Pickingapp

In-Store Fulfillment

With our intuitive picking solution, you can carry out your fulfillment processes in the store effortlessly and quickly. Find out more about In-Store Fulfillment

State-of-the-art software architecture

Find out here how to make your entire process chain more efficient, cost-effective and profitable with the modular fulfillmenttools platform.

Set new standards with your fulfillment processes and inspire your customers!

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Further information

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