Provide a perfect customer experience – on- & offline

An optimal customer experience and high customer satisfaction are top priorities for every successful retailer. Especially in the grocery industry, customers expect fresh products and flexible shopping and delivery options. With smart technologies for lean and efficient business processes, we optimize your food fulfillment using our process know-how from the REWE delivery and pick-up service.

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New omnichannel experience for coffee & confectionery lovers

By connecting store and online business arko / Hussel creates a seamless omnichannel experience for its customers. They benefit from new pick-up & delivery options – from click-and-collect to same day delivery.

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Mastering your challenges with the right solutions

Meeting customer requirements

Customer expectations are constantly changing and vary depending on lifestyles. For instance, after a stressful day at work, customers want to do their shopping as quickly as possible and not waste time looking for their desired products. Convenient and time-independent shopping options are also becoming increasingly important, as consumers want fresh food spontaneously or on weekends.


Click & Collect

Connect your eCommerce and in-store shopping experience with fulfillmenttools click & collect solution and provide your customers more flexibility. Learn more about click & collect

Click & Reserve

Offer your customers the convenience of ordering products online, reserve them and paying for them on site. 

custom / Laufweg optimieren

Quick Commerce

Provide your customers more flexibility in the purchasing process and offer deliveries within minutes (Quick Commerce). Find more information in our customer story Zabka Jush! (LITE eCommerce) or our infographic

"We are thrilled to be working with fulfillmenttools. Our investment in this technology partner marks an exciting step towards our goal to revolutionise online shopping and will enable us to provide the best shopping experience possible for our customers."

Zbigniew Sobiecki, CTO at Lite e-Commerce (Zabka Jush!)

Creating efficient and smooth processes

Efficient and smooth processes are essential for retailers, especially in picking. They also wish to have short training times for their employees and fast picking processes with a low error rate.

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In-Store Fulfillment

Handle your in-store fulfillment processes effortlessly and quickly with our intuitive picking solution. Find out more about in-store fulfillment now

Our platform technology has a proven track record in eFood

As the German eFood market leader, REWE has perfected its fulfillment processes. Therefore, as a team with REWE DNA, we know the most complex fulfillment environment better than anyone else:

  • eFood fulfillment expertise: We have process know-how in areas such as cold chains, hygiene standards or weighing goods. Our features are designed on this basis and take into account specific requirements such as different picking strategies, details for easier product identification or substitute items.
  • Product expertise: Our platform facilitates the management of retailers’ facilities and services, as well as the intelligent distribution of orders to the ideal facility. fulfillmenttools supports any delivery and collection model, from click & collect to same day delivery.
  • Technology expertise: The modular platform structure allows a solution specific to each use case. Thanks to an API-first approach, the platform can also be easily integrated into existing IT landscapes and offers flexible scaling options thanks to its cloud basis.

“Thanks to intuitive use and high scalability, we were able to successfully double our number of locations in the pickup service within a few weeks.”

Dr. Robert Zores, CTO REWE digital

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years of experience with REWE Group


years of expertise in the area of eFood with REWE digital


spin-off as an independent start-up of REWE digital

Win your customer relationships back

Today big marketplaces and delivery pickup service platforms like instacart have significant market power. Especially smaller retailers feel forced to join the marketplaces or to use delivery and pickup service platforms to show market presence and be competitive. This comes with high platform fees and listing costs on marketplaces, along with losing the connection to the customers.

Establish your own eCommerce environment and handle your delivery and pick up services yourself!

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Set new standards in eFood fulfillment now!

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In-store fulfillment solution for Żabka Jush

To enter the growing Quick Commerce market, Lite e-Commerce has developed Zabka Jush, a new eCommerce business that enables delivery of groceries and convenience products within 15 minutes.

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Trend eFood: Why online food trade is booming

Learn what customers want when buying groceries online, how retailers master their fulfillment challenges and how you can benefit from our process know-how through our REWE Origin.

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Quick Commerce: Accelerate your eFood business

What is Quick Commerce, why is it booming so much in grocery, and how does the right software help with the implementation? Find answers to these questions in our infographic.

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