Home improvement & gardening

Inspire your customers with new omnichannel services

Customers are shopping more and more online – this also applies to the DIY home improvement & gardening industry. At the same time, customers do not want to miss out on shopping in brick-and-mortar stores: For them, professional advice, quality, haptics & functionality are essential.

Future-proof omnichannel strategies are key

Omnichannel concepts enable retailers to connect their eCommerce with their store network and thus to respond to different customer requirements. Customers benefit from a seamless customer journey and services such as click & collect, offline availability displays in the online shop, or in-store returns. At the same time, with an omnichannel approach, retailers potentially reach more customers, increase their sales, and boost their customer satisfaction. Win-win!

Mastering your challenges with the right solutions

Reduce costs and shorten delivery and pick-up times

The goal of every retailer: optimizing cost structures, shortening provisioning times and reacting flexibly to new customer requirements.

Order Routing & Management

With our DOMS you are able to manage and route your orders easily. Based on individually definable rules, both parcels and bulky goods, are intelligently distributed to the optimal fulfillment location. This way, you improve the resource utilization, create more efficient processes and shorten provisioning times. Learn more about DOMS now

Meet customer requirements

Hobby DIY enthusiasts love going to the brick-and-mortar store for inspiration and professional advice. Professionals, on the other hand, either order home or check availability online and go to the store afterwards or use click-and-collect. Address all customer needs!



Order online, pick up in store: with a click-and-collect service, you can expand your service portfolio, increase the relevance of your stores, and encourage impulse purchases. Learn more about click-and-collect


Display offline availability in the online shop

Product availability displays in the online shop help customers with planning and avoid frustration when visiting the store. With fulfillmenttools Inventory Management, you are able to work with up-to-date inventory data. How does it work? Get in touch with us


Return in store

With an in-store returns service, you benefit from reduced logistics costs, shorter time to re-sell, and higher customer satisfaction through a broader service portfolio. At the same time, your processes and the environment are relieved. Learn more about our returns solution

Guarantee fast deliveries

A tool or the right screw is missing at the construction site at home? Offer your customers fast shipping options and be ahead of your competitors.

Same day delivery and quick commerce through ship-from-store

With ship-from-store and a seamless connection to CEP service providers, you can easily ship orders from a store nearby the customer. This enables you to achieve short delivery times and even quick commerce. Learn more in our infographic and in our ship-from-store whitepaper.

Establish efficient and seamless processes

In the home and gardening industry, optimized pick-and-pack routes inside stores and different picking approaches such as single-order picking, multi-order picking, zone picking or batch picking are crucial in the picking process.

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Optimized in-store fulfillment

With our intuitive picking solution, you can handle your in-store fulfillment processes quickly and easily with the right picking strategy. Find out more about in-store fulfillment now

Set new industry standards with your fulfillment processes now!

Realize your sales and savings potential.Get in touch with us!

Further infromation

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