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Connect your on- and offline channels and increase sales

Click & Collect is an important service for retailers in their omnichannel strategy. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of Click & Collect increased. Today, consumers still love the benefits of Click & Collect and want to continue using the service in the future. They enjoy more flexibility and transparency in their shopping process, savings on shipping costs, and saving time spent searching for products in the stores.

What is Click & Collect?

Buy online, pick up in store: The service Click & Collect enables consumers to buy goods online and then pick them up at a store of their choice, for example, near their home or on the way home from work. This means that customers order the goods in an online shop and choose their preferred store for pick up. As soon as the goods are ready for collection in the store, customers receive a confirmation e-mail that the goods can be picked up in the store.

Click & Collect differs from Click & Reserve in the way, that customers have to pay directly online for the goods and not when they are picked up in the store.

Facts & Figures

Why is Click & Collect becoming more relevant?


of online shoppers have ever abandoned a purchase process because of unsatisfactory delivery options. 

Digital Commerce 360, 2018


of the consumers surveyed have already ordered goods via a click & collect service. 

Boniversum Umfrage, 2018


make additional impulse purchases when picking up their merchandise at the store.

JDA & Centiro Customer Pulse Report, 2017

Benefits of click & collect for retailers


Optimize store utilization and increase profitability

With Click & Collect, the retail store processes online sales via a store. This improves staff utilization and makes better use of the product range, resulting in increased relevance and profitability of the stores.

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Increase service level for customers

Click & Collect pick-up stations allow online orders to be processed quickly and easily in the store. This offers greater flexibility and time savings compared to normal shopping, especially when there are limited numbers of people allowed in stores or when stores are temporarily closed.


Creating personal touchpoints in eCommerce

Customers pick up their order in store which increases the frequency of store visits and the number of impulse buys.

Reduce dependence on shipping service providers

By picking up the online order at the desired store, the delivery does not depend on the availability of a shipping service provider. At the same time, there are no shipping costs.

How consumers benefit from click & collect


View product availability directly

Customers can already see online which products are available in the desired store.


Save shipping costs

By picking up the products in the desired store, customers save on shipping costs.


Conscious shopping

With a Click & Collect service, regional businesses are supported. At the same time, the CO² emissions associated with a delivery as well as additional packaging materials are eliminated.

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Reduce time and stress

By setting up Click & Collect pick-up stations, customers can conveniently pick up their online orders at the store, saving time spent searching for products and waiting at the checkout.

Key success factors forintroducing Click & Collect

Visibility inthe online shop

One prerequisite for successful Click & Collect services is that retailers dovetail services into the
processes and advertising activities of their online shops. This may seem self-evident, but Click & Collect services are often hidden in the checkout area of online shops. Its recommended to promote the Click & Collect services prominently and not only on landing pages, but also on product pages, since gaining quick access to products positively influences customers’ decision-making processes.

Efficient processes

To offer Click & Collect as a competitive alternative to direct deliveries, it is important to ensure that there is a benefit in quickly collecting products yourself. Retailers should therefore aim to make orders available to customers at the same day or in a few hours. Since offering such a service requires correspondingly efficient processes, staff need support with picking, for example in the form of picking apps so they can quickly gather, pack, and prepare orders.

Optimal shopping experience in store

Retailers often overlook the importance of ensuring the in-store experience runs as smoothly as possible. Product collection in store is the most important part of the Click & Collect customer journey. The following recommendations should be followed in stores, not only to ensure customers enjoy the full benefit of Click & Collect services but also to offer a smooth pick-up process:

  • Set up a separate area for collecting orders, which should be equipped with a silent alerting system to inform personnel a customer has arrived so they can be served as quickly as possible.
  • Install clear signs around the Click & Collect area to avoid confusing customers, and ensure customers are guided correctly so they do not waste time looking for the pick-up area. This also provides the ideal opportunity to promote Click & Collect services.


  • To ensure handovers run as smoothly as possible, it makes sense to use an app that contains information such as the order details when passing products over to the customer. This ensures orders are prepared properly, assigned immediately to the right customer, and handed over.

Exploit your turnover and savings potentialwith Click & Collect

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