Distributed Order Management System –Intelligent Order Routing

Optimize processes, cut delivery times, and increase customer satisfaction – with our distributed order management system (DOMS), you can improve your eCommerce fulfillment and enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

Automate your order routing

The growth of eCommerce often results in underutilized stores in expensive locations. At the same time, it is necessary to meet the high expectations of online shoppers, which is almost impossible through the sole use of central warehouses.

Our Distributed Order Management System (DOMS) supports you in the implementation of ship-from-store by linking your online business with your stores. When distributing incoming orders to the stores (routing), it takes into account your individually defined parameters, such as the shortest route to the customer, and thus always finds the best location to process an order.

This enables you to keep your eCommerce fulfillment flexible, make better use of store capacities, and improve the customer experience by offering quick deliveries and a wider range of products. As soon as an order has been routed, the in-store fulfillment process starts.

This is how it works

Your benefits with DOMS

Increase customer satisfaction

Forwarding orders to stores allows you to offer customers shorter delivery times and higher product availability.

Optimize the use of resources

Make the best possible use of available resources by combining ship-from-store fulfilment and direct deliveries from the central warehouse to achieve ideal resource planning.

Fast and easy integration

The distributed order management system is easy to integrate into existing IT landscapes and link to your systems based on API-first methods.

Scale-up flexibly and smoothly

ur distributed order management system is cloud-based. This enables continuous system improvements and smooth upscaling of your eCommerce.

Feature Highlights

Customized order routing in the DOMS

Choose from a variety of routing options:

  • Accurate routing by inventory through connection to your inventory systems
  • If stock data is missing, articles can also be routed according to availability
  • Nearest location to the customer
  • Minimum drain on store capacities

Enable order splitting and re-routing

If items are missing, damaged, or wrongly identified, fulfill orders differently by:

  • Allowing store staff to re-route orders if they cannot be fulfilled by the planned store
  • Splitting orders if they cannot be fulfilled by a single store
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Earmark inventory in stores

The system allows for the possibility of putting offline stock aside, so that it’s only available to in-store customers. This ensures products remain available through both channels.

Creating the basis for Click & Collect and In-Store Returns

The system lays the perfect foundation for expanding modules such as click & collect and in-store returns. This simplifies tasks carried out in store and makes store services more appealing.

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