Inventory Management

Optimal inventory levels at the right time in the right place

In retail, it is not important that goods are available always and everywhere. What matters is that demand can be met at any time. With fulfillmenttools inventory management, you create full transparency about stock in your stores, central warehouses, dark stores, etc. and are able to orchestrate your inventory according to demand. In doing so, you ensure that the desired goods are ready for pick-up or delivery in time.

Your benefits with fulfillmenttools’ Inventory Management

Create a single source of truth for your inventory and benefit from real-time data on stock availability for your sales channels. Common questions such as "Where are my goods and how much do I have left in stock?", "How do I guarantee that enough goods are available for each of my sales channels?" and "How can I make my warehousing more cost-efficient?", are things of the past.


Reduce total inventory costs

Create inventory transparency across all storage locations

Keep delivery promises to customers

Optimize and accelerate operational processes

Simplify inventory management and improve inventory accuracy

Check stock availability based on real-time data

What you can achieve with Inventory Management

Generate a single source of truth for inventory across your fulfillment network

  • Unify fulfillment locations, channels and systems across all countries and create inventory visibility on site and for the entire network.
  • View available, reserved, and expected inventory based on stock levels, goods received, orders, and configurable safety stock.

Avoid overstock and out-of-stock rate

  • Include seasonal fluctuations in demand planning thanks to data-based demand forecasts and identify self-warmers to reduce overstocks.
  • Reserve inventory for sale in your stores and avoid being out-of-stock.

Ensure inventory accuracy through real-time data

  • Get real-time updates on inventory changes and movements.
  • Adjust inventory inaccuracies manually - quickly and easily.

Make individual configurations

  • Configure your storage principles according to your needs.
  • Define criteria for incoming goods inspection.

Analyze historical data for optimized planning

  • Create dashboards for real-time monitoring of your KPIs such as short picks and analyze historical data for optimized demand planning and processes.

Integrate all systems easily and create a seamless IT landscape

  • Easily integrate all modern software systems through our API-first approach and synchronize all data from ERP, POS, WMS etc. in our Inventory Management.

How our inventory solution supports your employees on site

In addition to strategic inventory management and orchestration, our inventory solution also supports operational warehouse processes at all locations - whether store, warehouse or dark stores.

Incoming goods

  • Overview of expected inbound processes including filter and search functions
  • Management of incoming goods including quantity check and quality control
  • Storage of goods and inventory updates
  • Consideration of best-before dates and batches

Stock transfer

  • Transfer of goods within a warehouse or store
  • Automatic stock updates
  • Recommendations for storage locations
  • Automated replenishment control
  • Consideration of storage principles as well as best-before dates and batches

Overview of storage location

  • Overview of all storage locations within a site
  • Real-time view for storage locations of individual goods
    Differentiation between different storage zones (e.g. goods receiving area, picking area) and storage types (single storage location vs. multiple storage locations)
  • Edit inventory quantity at storage location level
  • Adding and editing storage locations
  • Blocking of storage locations
  • Differentiation between stock that can or cannot be picked

Looking for an inventory management that makesthe most out of your stocks?

We help you create complete transparency with our inventory management and
make your processes as efficient as possible.

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Inventory Management FAQ

  • Product availability display in the online shop: With up-to-date inventory data across all locations, you can display product availability on the product detail pages and in the checkout process of the online shop
  • Promote products and take pre-orders before sales launch: With predictable and transparent product availability, you are able to offer a pre-order function, promote products and take orders before the official sales launch. With the backorder function, customers can also order products that are temporarily out of stock and have them delivered as quickly as possible once they are back in stock.
  • Sales advice in store: Real-time inventory data supports store staff in advising customers. If, for example, a product is not available in the desired color, model or size, it is easy to check whether it is available in a nearby store or in the online store.
  • Avoid order cancellations: Ensure that only customer orders are taken that match the available inventory based on up-to-date information on inventory levels.

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