Optimize customer experience

Offer a seamless shopping experience – anytime & anywhere

Today's consumers shop through a variety of channels, including stores, online shops, social media, and live commerce. The expectation is a seamless and "in-time" shopping and fulfillment experience across all channels. To create such an omnichannel world, retailers and brands need to integrate all their locations from stores, dark stores and micro hubs to dropshippers into their eCommerce. Doing so, they benefit from an intelligent and comprehensive network of warehousing and fulfillment locations, which makes it possible to serve customers even faster and more reliably.

Connecting online and offline business and offering customers a seamless customer experience

With fulfillmenttools, you can easily consolidate all order and inventory data across your entire sales network. This enables you to offer your customers a perfect shopping experience on all channels with a broad service portfolio ranging from availability displays in the online store to various delivery options such as Quick Commerce, Same and Next Day Delivery, Click & Collect or Click & Reserve and simple returns processes.

Serve all channels and leverage synergies from online and offline commerce

Connect on- and offline channels with fulfillmenttools' Order Management. Connect online and offline commerce with fulfillmenttools’ Order Management. The Order Management System connects the entire fulfillment network and thus serves as an ideal basis for implementing various omnichannel services. It also enables flexible and efficient fulfillment processes and a seamless shopping experience for your customers across all channels.


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Increase transparency and flexibility in the purchasing process for customers

Keep your inventory always up to date and show your customers product availability and possible delivery and collection options on the product detail pages and in the checkout process of the online shop. his allows you to manage expectations in the best possible way and avoid disappointment due to incomplete or late deliveries.


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Shorten delivery and pickup times for customers

With Ship-from-Store, you can integrate your stores into your online business and use them as mini shipping warehouses for online orders. You can also enable customers to pick up their orders at the store of their choice. This speeds up the time it takes to get goods to your customers in the desired time window, while optimizing the utilization of your stores by giving them an additional role in the processing of eCommerce orders.


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Improve shopping convenience

Make your fulfillment flexible and offer your customers a wide range of delivery, pickup, and return options. his will help you avoid disappointing shopping experiences. At the same time, you increase the likelihood of a purchase and reduce the abandonment rate in the shopping process.


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Increasing sustainability in eCommerce

Today's consumers value sustainability from the production of goods to shipping. By shipping an online order from a store close to the customer instead of from a central warehouse, you can shorten delivery routes. Additional efficient packing processes in the store also enable you to use filling and shipping materials in a resource-saving way. Moreover, if you offer customers the option of Click & Collect, you can cut your carbon emissions completely.


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Provide your customers with a seamlessomnichannel strategy!

We help you offer your customers the same optimal shopping experience both on and offline and
to implement the omnichannel services that are right for your business.

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