Use your stores as shipping warehouses & accelerate deliveries

In order to keep stores profitable and simultaneously ensure flexibility in the fulfillment processes of the eCommerce business, ship-from-store can be used to create synergies between online stores and bricks-and-mortar retail.

What is Ship-from-Store?

Ship-from-store describes a method that allows retailers and brands to integrate their store network into their eCommerce business in order to ship their goods directly from a store. This means that with ship-from-store, online orders are no longer served only through a central warehouse, but also from stores that serve as small shipping warehouses. Ship-from-store speeds up fulfillment and reduces the retailer’s carbon footprint, as stores that are located close to the recipient are typically selected for shipment. It also saves transport costs.

Facts & Figures

Why is Ship-from-Store relevant?


of consumers surveyed would like to use same-day delivery.

Bitkom 2020


cancel the order process because the delivery time is too long or not specified.

UPS from McKinsey Study Akzente 2020


of retailers surveyed say they will close poorly performing stores after COVID-19.

McKinsey 2020

Benefits of Ship-from-Store for retailers

Optimal use of resources

Ship-from-Store improves employee utilization in stores. At the same time, the integration of the entire store network reduces the out-of-stock rate and thus increases product availability.

custom / Kundenzufriedenheit

Increase service level for customers

Ship-from-Store enables short delivery times and even next-/ same-day deliveries. In the case of online orders, the cross-store use of products also expands the range, resulting in a greater choice for customers.


Scaling eCommerce through flexible fulfillment

By processing online orders through stores, it is easier to balance fluctuations in demand and optimize store profitability.

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Reduce ecological effects and shipping costs

By shipping from a store close to the customer, ship-from-store shortens delivery routes. This reduces both CO² emissions and shipping costs.


How customers benefit from Ship-from-Store

custom / Kundenzufriedenheit

Optimize the omnichannel shopping experience

The combination of brick-and-mortar and online retail creates a perfect shopping experience for customers across all channels.


Improve product selection and availability

By linking the stocks of several stores, the range of goods is expanded and the availability of products is increased at the same time.


Reduce waiting times for online orders

Customers can enjoy fast deliveries of their goods, up to same day delivery.

Leverage your sales and savings potential withship-from-store

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