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Retailers are only able to impress their customers only if they offer them different shopping channels, link them and create a consistent brand experience. After all, customers want to be able to shop conveniently anywhere - whether in a store, online shop, or social media - quickly access information about products and prices, and pick up the products at their convenience, have them delivered, and return them anywhere.

Why pick-up and delivery services are so importantfor modern retailers?

Both retailers and customers benefit from flexible delivery and pick-up models. Factors such as flexibility, speed, convenience, time savings, and efficiency are optimized with a well thought-out implementation of omnichannel services. Retailers can realign themselves with their target group and thus withstand the great competitive pressure.

Increased demand & higher sales

Customers have access to more potential sales channels and can therefore shop more flexibly and more frequently

Larger assortment & higher product availability

Customers have access to more sales channels and can therefore shop more flexibly and more frequently

Increased customer satisfaction

Customers profit from a broader service portfolio and thus greater flexibility

Better customer access

A higher variety of customer touch points creates more proximity and promotes customer loyalty and trust

Improve customer shopping experience and increase competitiveness

If you are new to the omnichannel business, start small, build your portfolio step by step and at your own pace, and steadily expand the offering for your customers.

Display product availability in the online shop

With fulfillmenttools you can keep your inventory data up to date and display product availability in your online shop to offer your customers more transparency in the purchasing process and to avoid disappointment due to incomplete deliveries or long waiting times.

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Click & Collect

Click & Collect enables customers to conveniently put together their shopping cart online, order or reserve their purchase, and pick it up at a store near them or on their way home from work. In this way, you can easily combine online and offline business, integrate a personal touchpoint into eCommerce, and increase the relevance of your stores.

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Returns Management

Consumers love simple processes - not just for purchases, but also for returns. Offer your customers the option of returning products in store. This increases the frequency of visitor at your stores, promotes spontaneous purchases by customers and improves customer loyalty.


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Grow sales and generate new customers with click & collect

Analyses of customer data show that omnichannel customers spend more money. Customers are able to shop in-store, but they are also able to purchase their desired products online and pick them up later.

The additional shopping channel offers more flexibility and choice in everyday’s life. By offering new services such as click & collect, it is also possible to attract new customers from your competition.

Optimize and accelerate processes and increase efficiency

To build a strong foundation for your omnichannel business, it's important to seamlessly connect your on- and offline channels to get the most out of your entire fulfillment network.


Ship-from-Store makes it easy to integrate your stores with your eCommerce business. This allows you to increase sales by improving online availability while reducing out-of-stock rates. You also benefit from reduced capital lockup, increased customer satisfaction through faster and more reliable deliveries, optimized use of store resources, and reduced transportation and logistics costs.


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Accelerate fulfillment processes

Our in-store fulfillment app supports employees in store or warehouse digitally in the processing and provision of online orders. The intuitive app optimizes picking and packing processes and supports the transfer to the shipping service provider as well as the transfer to customers of click & collect orders. This allows for faster order processing and a reduction in errors and manual activities.


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