Fulfillment Management System (FMS)

What is a Fulfillment Management System (FMS)?

A fulfillment management system, FMS for short, is a software or software service, also called SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), which manages order fulfillment, typically for omnichannel B2B or B2C retailers and D2C (see D2C) brands. Order fulfillment entails managing incoming on- or offline orders, routing these orders (see OMS), picking and packing these orders, and handing over orders for final pick-up by or delivery to retailers’ customer.

What are the benefits of a Fulfillment Management System?

Increased profitability

The smart use of a FMS impacts a retailer's economics positively, especially in relation to customer, top and bottom line KPIs.

Increased customer growth and improved resource utilization

From a customer equity perspective a FMS improves customer convenience, the overall customer experience, it improves a retailer's brand image (eg the CO2 footprint is reduced), and it improves NPS (net promotor score) and CSAT (customer satisfaction) scores.

Optimized shopping experience for the customer

From a retailers top and bottom line perspective a FMS leads to revenue growth, it attracts new (next generation) customers, omnichannel customers, and competitors‘ customers. Moreover, it significantly reduces order cancellations, improves store utilization, and optimizes inventory use.

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