Achieve efficient fulfillment processes & accelerate lead times

Scaling and speed are drivers for every omnichannel retailer. The goal is to optimize fulfillment processes and increase throughput in order to fulfill the wishes of as many customers as possible in the shortest possible time. Digital and automated processes support simplified and accelerated order processing and thus also enable cost savings.

Benefit from synergies of connecting online and offline retail

With our Order Management, you can combine eCommerce and your store network and thus create the prerequisite for an optimal use of resources as well as the basis for the implementation of various omnichannel services. This increases your flexibility to respond to market and customer demands at short notice, and you benefit from seamless and accelerated processes.


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Accelerate fulfillment processes

Our in-store fulfillment app supports employees in store or warehouse digitally in the processing and provision of online orders. The intuitive app optimizes picking and packing processes and supports the transfer to the shipping service provider as well as the transfer to customers of click & collect orders. This allows for faster order processing and a reduction in errors and manual activities.


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Aggregate inventory and improve fulfillment decisions

Create a single source of truth for your inventory across the entire fulfillment network with fulfilmenttools and get a real-time inventory overview. This way, you generate an optimal basis for intelligent fulfillment decisions through our order management and benefit from efficient and resource-saving processes.


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Optimize operational inventory management

With our Inventory App, you not only have an overview of the inventory across all locations, but also receive support for your employees on site in the branch or in the warehouse when receiving, checking quality and putting away goods. Different storage zones and storage types are taken into account and it is possible to add storage locations, edit information and make inventory adjustments at any time.


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Analyze data and derive optimisation measures

Our analytics dashboards help you view KPIs and monitor them in real time. In addition, historical data can be analyzed, enabling you to create demand forecasts for demand planning and derive optimisation measures for processes, for example, based on past data.


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Synchronise all systems

Bring all data from your fulfillment system, ERP, POS, WMS etc. together in our solution and create a seamless IT landscape for your eCommerce. Our API-first approach makes it effortless to link all modern software systems and integrate all last mile providers.


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We help you optimize your fulfillment processes use them as a growth booster to accelerate your operations.

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