Click & Collect

What is Click & Collect?

Click & Collect refers to the possibility to buy (and pay) goods online at a retailer’s online marketplace or online shop and then pick them up in a retail store. In contrast to Click & Reserve, the customer no longer has to pay for the goods upon collection.

Typically, three types of Click & Collect models are distinguished

Click & Collect In-Store

Click & Collect In-store refers to a Click & Collect service in which the customer collects directly from the retailer’s store, typically in specially designated Click & Collect areas of the store.

Click & Collect Near-store

Click & Collect Near-Store refers to a Click & Collect service in which the customer picks up near the retailer’s store. Typical for this form of Click & Collect are Pick-up Lockers in the immediate vicinity of the retail store or the curbside pickup, which is particularly popular in the USA.

Click & Collect Stand-alone

Click & Collect Stand-alone is a service where the pick-up point is completely separate from the retail store. This form of Click & Collect service is often offered in rural areas where there is insufficient retail infrastructure.

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