Connected Retail

What is Connected Retail?

Connected Retail describes all possibilities of creating a connection between stationary and online retail.

At least since the Corona pandemic, it is not a secret anymore that eCommerce is booming. Stationary retailers are confronted with the challenge of reacting to the changed consumer behavior. Nowadays, customers expect a personalized Customer Journey, that responds appropriately to their situational needs. A Connected Retail strategy offers the opportunity to make use of syn energies generated from connecting the store network with eCommerce. Furthermore, at the same time, it delivers an enhanced customer excitement. Preparing for the future, it will be increasingly important for retailers to put the customer in focus of all their measures.

Why a Connected Retail strategy is worthwhile

Offering an enlarged product range

With an online presence, retailers are not limited to their space in retail stores any longer. The sales shelves are expanded digitally and customers are offered a wider choice.

Increasing comfort for customers

Differing possibilities of implementing Connected Retail can increase the comfort for customers. For example, they also have the option to easily pick up ordered goods at the store.

Improving customer experience

A Connected Retail Strategy increases the number of touchpoints with customers. By that, retailers receive more information about their clients.

Delivering more information

Online, Customers can get informed about product availabilities in stores at all times, which additionally increases the customer satisfaction.

Implementing Connected Retail

  • Putting customer needs in focus and adjusting future actions accordingly
  • Collecting, analyzing and applying customer data
  • Choosing the right technology for the implementation of Connected Retail

Examples for a Connected Retail strategy

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